iSekk: Waste Collection Management

What is the best way to handle waste container rentals and pickup?

Project Brief

iSekk is a Norwegian recycling and waste management company. They offer special bags and bulk waste containers that allow people to sort various types of trash. Their old site was outdated and difficult to use, so we decided to rebrand and redesign their website.

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Icon Design

Create 18 unique icons for different waste types that match iSekk's brand

Visual Identity

Determine the overall look and direction of iSekk's branding

Responsive Design

Design for both desktop and mobile to create a seamless experience


Because iSekk has so many different categories of waste related to their products, we decided to create custom icons for each category. That way, users could easily identify different categories of waste at a glance.

Creating custom icons for iSekk's brand would not only be attention-grabbing and visually interesting, but would also help differentiate and reinforce their brand.

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Creating a Friendly and Personable Brand

Part of iSekk's brand strategy involved delivering positive and unique experiences that would make customers want to engage with and purchase their product. As such, it seemed natural to create an aesthetic that was fun, friendly, and visually appealing.

Below is a collection of design elements we created to define the look and feel of iSekk's new branding. We used bright colors and playful illustrations to develop the brand's personality and style.

Designing with iSekk's users in mind

The ultimate goal of iSekk's redesign was to provide a user-friendly experience. We designed the site to cater to customer needs—whether they were a company, individual, or housing association.

Improving iSekk's Checkout Process

Before, customers often found iSekk’s online checkout process confusing. Many would give up and call iSekk directly to place an order (after failing to make an order on the site). iSekk’s original site did not do a good job explaining pickup and delivery options to customers, and specific products could be hard to find due to the way the old site was structured. One other thing customers struggled with was pickup and delivery, and how to schedule either without calling.

We reworked the copy on the home page to more clearly explain delivery and pickup options. We also added a map locator for pickup users to find stores, and for delivery users to specify their address. Another feature we added included the ability to schedule pickups and delivery—something iSekk's previous site design was lacking.

Overall, we definitely succeeded in improving upon iSekk’s checkout process. I also think their new branding is fun and friendly and will help iSekk stand out amongst their competitors. Working with iSekk’s team to create these designs was a great experience & I’m proud of how everything turned out!

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